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Michelle & Cory -

My husband and I have purchased all of our new vehicles from Jenkins & Wynne since 1997. Whether it was the Ford Escort, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, or the Honda Odyssey we always went home happy. Our amazing journey had began the moment we parked our old beater and stepped on to the car lot. Jenkins & Wynne isn’t just a car dealership, it is a family that accepts you with open arms. Each step of the purchasing process was low pressure and really felt personal.

We have gone to other dealerships to shop around for different types of vehicles, but we always find our way back home to our extended family at Jenkins & Wynne. On Friday, April 13th 2012, my husband and I decided we wanted to purchase a Honda Insight. We walked in and asked for Lisa Dotson, who has been our favorite saleswoman/friend and who had sold us our last two vehicles. (Sorry to our kin sales personnel, but Lisa Dotson has completely stolen this Family’s hearts.) She has kept in touch with us since the moment we met her. Whether it was a call to see how we were and if we were still happy with our vehicles, or to send a card during the holidays, she has always assured us she will be there when we are ready for our next purchase. She has also kept us up to date on new vehicles and specials.

My husband told Lisa what he wanted to purchase and she simply asked why that particular vehicle. My husband told her he wanted it for fuel efficiency on his 120 mile daily commute. Lisa, with all of her experience and knowledge, told him straight out that that was not the car he wanted. She explained many reasons why it was not the right purchase. You can research all you want and a lot of the time we just do not understand what is feasible.

My husband test drove the 2012 Honda Civic with all the bells and whistles. On the test drive we were schooled by Lisa on the pros and cons between the Honda Insight and the Honda Civic for our situation. She answered all of our questions and then some.

When the test drive was over my husband and I decided the Honda Civic was IT! So Lisa found the one that had everything he desired to have in the new car. As we headed back to start the process of purchasing it, my husband’s eyes lit up. He had spotted the Honda CR-Z Hybrid in his favorite color. Lisa caught that look and said let me get the key. Once my husband sat in that car he was like a kid with the newest and greatest video game in front of him. She then told him lets take it for a test drive. Lisa and I knew that this was the car we were coming home with, even if he didn’t yet. When they returned, he was grinning from ear to ear. Not only did he find the fuel efficiency, safety features, and all the bells and whistles he wanted, he discovered a car that made him look forward to driving 120 miles Monday-Friday. The added bonus was that it didn’t cost much more than the Honda Civic. What more could you want?

We went home to think on the purchase and to decide which one to buy. Oh yeah, the winner was the Honda CR-Z! On the following day, I called Lisa and said the little blue baby was coming home. She had them get it ready before we arrived. Knowing that we would get a great deal on the price, we were in the office signing papers and closing the deal. A special thank you to everyone at Jenkins & Wynne for all of the team work that made it possible for us to bring home the newest addition to our family. All together it was a fun, exciting, and stress free purchase and we know that we won’t be forgotten just because they sold a car. We will continue to be part of the Jenkins & Wynne family, always.

Nancy Hestle -

I had a wonderful experience with Jenkins and Wynne! Most people would not go car shopping on a rainy day like that day.Thanks to Mr. Chuck Hall, who turned a rainy day into a very happy day for me. .Mr. Hall has the patience of Job. He was so pleasingly patience bringing cars from out in the pouring rain for me to test drive and taking my car to get it appraised. I am grateful for Jenkins and Wynne buying my Toyota, I was very pleased with the price! I have not had such wonderful treatment by a car salesman since Mr. Aubrey Lyle was at Jenkins and Wynne. Mr. Lyle is a legend and is missed by all that ever knew him. Thanks to Mr.Chuck Hall for all the southern hospitality, you are definitely an asset to Jenkins & Wynne! I LOVE MY new 2012 HONDA FIT and the gas mileage too! May God Bless You All.

Mary & Johnnie -

The Shaver Family has bought numerous vehicles from Mr. Bud Stump over the years. Thanks to Bud, Chuck Hall and Rocky Noland the recent purchase of our new Lincoln MKS was a pleasure. The entire staff at J&W has impressed us with there professionalism. The staff is knowledgeable and willing to assist with any issue. J&W services have been nothing short of outstanding.

Lisa -

We are very happy with the Ford team at Jenkins and Wynne. We pre-ordered our 2011 Ford Explorer and when it came in last spring, Bud Stump promptly contacted us and made the process of obtaining our vehicle very smooth. Now, several months later I returned to the dealership to get help with my SYNC system and was pleasantly greeted by Bud who took a sincere interest in how we were enjoying our vehicle and reminded us we could contact him with any concerns. Rocky Noland helped me with my SYNC system and taught me features that I didn't even know existed! I love my Explorer even more now that I know how to use the turn-by-turn directions, how to connect my phone to play Pandora, and how to use the SYNC website to plan trips. Rocky was helpful and courteous. I will be sure to contact him in the future with any other concerns I may have about the SYNC system.

Teresa -

I had a great experience at Jenkins & Wynne. Everyone was friendly and made sure my daughter and I was taken care of. Mr. Steve Stanfill went above and beyond what anyone else would have done to make sure I actually got the vehicle I wanted. I am a woman but I like trucks more than cars. He picked up on this just by listening between the lines of my and my daughters conversations. He called me the next day and invited me to come look at a truck he had. I went and the rest is history.... I now have that truck and am very happy with it. I know I drove him nuts with all the questions etc but he is a real gentleman and always made me feel like he would either answer my questions or find someone who would. He is great to work with. So, any woman car/truck hunting alone...go to Steve. He is the best. Angelia and Jamie were great, too. Thanks all for dealing so patiently with a sleep deprived shopper.

Camille -

I want to complement you on your Women at the Wheel promotion. As a single woman, buying a car in Cville has always been a nightmare. No one seems to take you seriously and sort of pats you on the head. I have been ignored (at other dealerships!) or in essence told to go home and ask my daddy if this is okay. Thanks for taking us seriously!!

James Chase -

I am always well pleased when I get my truck serviced at your dealership. I feel like a king. They treat me the same as if I had a 60,000.00 truck. The fast friendly servce is why I keep coming back to your dealership. The personnel in the Ford truck service department deserves a Giant pat on the Back!

Frances Jameson -

We have dealt with Jenkins and Wynne for many years. For about the last 8 vehicles that we have purchased we have gone through Bud Stump. He always makes us feel at home and is always there if we have any questions. This is the first time that we ever ordered a car and the manufacture actually built it for us. We were anxious and nervous. When the car came in Bud called and told us as soon as it was delivered. He knew how excited I was to get it here. We picked it up the next day and he went over the whole thing with us so we were very comfortable before taking ownership. The whole experience was great and we are very happy with our new Ford Focus Hatchback SEL. Love It! As far as we are concerned Jenkins and Wynne are very lucky to have a great salesman like Bud Stump working there. It's because of his professionalism and honesty that we continue to go back. Besides that we also love Fords.

Nacho, Jayme, And Angelina -

I’ve just returned from deployment and was in the market for a new vehicle. After two and a half months of test driving and visiting several dealerships I was still unclear as to what new vehicle I wanted, I did have a vehicle in mind and this other dealership told me that they would have it delivered by the end of the month. I decided in the mean time to head to Honda as this was my last place to try before I made my final decision. When I got to the dealership I was greeted by a very nice salesman (Larry Levin). He was the most fun, informative, and extremely nice salesman I’ve ever dealt with. Larry was there to ensure I got everything I wanted in a vehicle and did everything I asked; from the negotiation, to the test drive, to lunch. He was very accommodating in all of our wishes! He never once told me to take a look at any other vehicle. I’ll say that not 18 months ago I bought my wife a brand new vehicle (SUV/gas guzzler) and we’ve been thinking of trading it in. We’re now contemplating going with Honda, not just to get better gas mileage but mostly because we loved the way we were treated with the J&W Honda team, more so because of Larry.

We just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to the Jenkins and Wynne Honda of Clarksville team but more specifically my appreciation and gratitude to Larry Levin for what he did for me and my family in the purchase of my new Honda Civic. Larry introduced me to all the department chiefs as if they would remember me and my family and all were extremely nice (sales, finance, and service). Everyone on this team displayed the desire to serve my family with distinction and excellence. I would recommend everyone go to Jenkins & Wynne when you’re ready to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle (SEE LARRY LEVIN!!!!). This team makes the experience fun and you’re not pressured to do anything until you’re ready. The next vehicle I purchase will be from the J&W team and hopefully from Larry Levin at J&W Honda. THANK YOU J&W for the best and greatest buying experience I’ve ever had.

Aaron and Laura Gebhardt -

When it was time to downsize from a mini van to a sedan there was no question that we would go to Jenkins and Wynne. We had purchased our last three vehicles there. We had some hard requirements to fullfill. We needed to switch to a smaller vehicle that got better gas milage, but it still needed to be big enough for a family of five. Our salesman Mark Whiteside did a great job. We bought a new Tauras and the process went smoothly. About three months after buying it I was in an accident (two and half weeks before we were suppose to take it on vacation). Well Jenkins and Wynne, Mark, and Lisa in the body shop did what they could to have the car ready for us before that scheduled vacation. Everyone was great and treated us like we were the only customer they had to deal with. The car did great on the long drive and we love it. We will never shop for a car anywhere else.

Luke M- F150 Platinum -

I recently purchased a used 2010 F150 Platinum from the Truck Center. I was very impressed by the professionalism of everyone at the center, especially Wes Stamey. Instead of pushing me into a vehicle that I wasn't interested in to make a sale that day, he asked me what I specifically wanted. When the right truck arrived in the inventory he promptly called me to come take a look. That type of patience and organization from a salesman is why I will now only buy a truck from the WILD WILD WES and the crew at Jenkins & Wynne!

Crystal and Anthony -

We have since relocated from the Clarksville area to Virginia Beach , VA. . We purchased two new vehicles from you guys during our time in Clarksville and performed all our services with you guys at Jenkins and Wynne. Since our time here in Virginia we have visited 3 different Honda dealerships for services and have been dissatisfied with each one. They do not perform like you do!!!

We just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Jenkins and Wynne Honda of Clarksville for providing honest service to your customers. From your sales department to the service department. You all display excellence to serve your customers with appreciation, loyalty and the best service!!! Again, THANK YOU!!!

Micki P - 2012 Honda Civic





Amanda -

My husband and I went to Jenkins & Wynne just to look around. It was freezing outside, but we were greeted by a very nice young lady who welcomed us and let us know that a salesman would be with us shortly. Sure enough, Kevin Bussey showed up with a lot of helpful information. He was not pushy, super nice, and very informative. My husband and I left that day convinced that we were going to buy from Jenkins & Wynne when the time was right. Not a week later, we were back, ready to purchase our new vehicle. Kevin helped us every step of the way.

I would recommend everyone go to Jenkins & Wynne, they make the car buying experience fun, and safe. Next car I buy will be a Honda, and hopefully from Kevin Bussey at Jenkins & Wynne!

Regina and John -

I once worked in as Administrative Secretary in a local dealership and knew a lot of dealerships try to pull the wool over your eyes to force you into a bad decision. So my husband and I put the decision to buy a new vehicle off for a year because I dreaded it so.

We had previously owned a 2003 Honda Pilot that we passed down to our daughter (she still drives it and loves it) so a new Pilot was at the top of our list.

We did our research and knew what we were willing to pay. We started at our local dealership … NO GO!

Being members of Costco Wholesale Club, which has an auto buying program, we went to their selected dealership in Memphis …NO GO!

No deal and we experienced the same old back office tactics that we had experienced time and time again. We walked out feeling more and more disillusioned. We have been all over Memphis, Nashville, Paris and Franklin… NO GO!

Costco has even called since our purchase and we explained the horrible experience and told them about Jenkins and Wynne.

So on Saturday before the 4th of July we got up and my husband said, “We’re going to Kentucky to buy a Pilot.” So off we go enjoying the long ride and he said, “Let’s stop in Clarksville at Jenkins and Wynne”. The minute we got out of our Mini Cooper people greeted us and wanted to know if they could get us something to drink or be of help in any way. I told my husband I had a feeling these people were different. We looked at a Pilot and told our salesman, Barry Parks, that we needed a price. We sat down and in less than 5 minutes he was back with a price. I looked at my husband and saw the look on his face and said to myself, “We have bought a vehicle and I will have to drive one home (over 100 Miles) and I can’t see to drive after dark”. We then made our test drive and returned to dealership to conclude the deal. I told Barry of my concerns since it was late afternoon but he assured me they would remove all the plastic coverings, wash and gas the Pilot and have it ready when we finished the paper work.

The vehicle was ready as promised. We drove away feeling like we had an experience of a lifetime. We told our daughter when she is ready to purchase we will return to Barry at Jenkins and Wynne. We have told friends and strangers. I have to say their straight forward approach and honesty is so refreshing. Thank you Barry and Jenkins and Wynne for restoring my faith in car dealerships and salespeople.

You are one in 50 and we know!

Bob and Katie Nelson -

Hi Fran, I just wanted to thank you and the staff, especially Wes, Angela and I believe his name was Larry, for helping me with the purchase of the 09 Edge. We really like the SUV and I must say the experience was very enjoyable. Wes is a very likeable salesman and both Larry and Angela made me feel like a valued customer rather than another "sale." I also appreciate the service manager's willingness to touch up a spot on the rear and replace the bumper. Thanks again, and I'll be sure to recommend your dealership to any of my friends, family or colleagues who are in the market for vehicle. Sincerely, Bob and Katie Nelson

Stedwards -

My husband and I bought our last two vehicles from this dealership. Both times it was a great experience. The dealers are very knowledgeable and were able to answer all of our questions. After getting all the facts, including the price quote, we knew this was the best deal for us. We are very satisfied with both our Hondas and plan to make future purchases with this dealership. We highly recommend Jenkins and Wynne!

E and J -

Hey Lisa, Just wanted to thank you for your time today. We were in and out in less than 40 minutes which was great for the kids. Thanks so much for keeping in touch off and on throughout the past year and a half. We were talking last night about you and that Jenkins and Wynne has a real asset in you and I hope they know it. You bring more than sales to the showroom. You create relationships and that is worth more in the long term. Take Care and God Bless You! Love God...Love People, E and J.

Justin Wamble -

I picked up my new Civic this morning, it’s my first “brand new” car and that smell is great! Joe Poole made the entire transaction a breeze. I can now see first hand why my family has been buying from him for over twenty years. There was no pressure from the moment I walked on to the lot to browse the selection. I was promptly greeted by a member of your team who paged Joe for me. I picked out the car that I wanted and Joe and I took it for a test drive. From there we went inside to do the most dreaded part of the car buying experience…negotiating. It was painless. Joe was also very helpful when it came to explaining my financing options. Kudos to internet team as well. Their responses to my questions were quick and informative. Your website was a great help as I studied my options. I can’t see myself ever buying a new car from any other dealership. The title “Best of Clarksville” fits Jenkins & Wynne well, you are the best! Thank you for a great buying experience!

My Mustang Story -

I've loved Mustangs since the 1960's, when I saw the yellow Boss 302 come on the scene. I was in high school back then, and I thought the car was the badest thing on the road. I always wanted one. Always. Never thought in a million years that I would ever get one. It was like one of those dreams you have when you're a young kid, and you know deep in your heart that it would never happen. Unless you make it happen. And I did. Last year I came down to Jenkins and Wynne. I was looking to replace a Mustang that had gotten wrecked in an accident. I came down in July... and there it was! A 2005 Mustang GT, my dream car! I walked into the showroom, looking for my friend, Mike Minor. "I want that car." Mike looked back and said, "Well, OK." It was probably the fastest car sale he's ever had. But you see, Mike didn't sell the car. It sold itself, and had, back in 1970 when I first saw its ancestor in the magazine ads. I drove it off the lot that day, and I'm going to drive it until the doors fall off. And then I'm coming back to Jenkins and Wynne and get another. Hopefully Ford will come to its senses and start making yellow 'Stangs again. If not, I'll buy one and paint it. Screaming Yellow.

Christie Odom -

My name is Christie Odom from Cleveland, TN. In December 2007, I started looking for a used Mustang GT for my 40th birthday, yes, my "mid-life crisis car". You only live once right? Using the internet I found the perfect blue GT that I had been searching for. That's when I got in contact with Mike Minor at Jenkins & Wynne. I explained to him that my husband and I love to show cars and that I was looking for one without any dings or dents. Mike took the time to take several pictures of the car, from top to bottom and email them to me. He assured me that this was the Blue Mustang that we were looking for. Shortly after the holidays, my husband and I were able to take the trip up to Clarksville and meet Mike Minor and the team who treated us with the upmost respect during our negotiations and ultimately,the purchase of the car. My 40th birthday present is everything I dreamed it would be, and the Blue GT recently won a 1st Place award at an All-Ford Powered car show this past spring. We certainly appreciate the extra time and attention taken to help individuals who live so far away. We will definitely do business again with Jenkins & Wynne :)

Brandi -

My husband and I began our experience with Jenkins and Wynne in October 2008, less than one month after we got married! We were a flat broke army couple with a new baby on the way. We took a taxi from post down to the car lot knowing we had to buy something and would not go home without a car of some sort. We were introduced to the Miles program and got our first vehicle at a great price! A charcoal gray 2004 Ford Escape. We were treated with respect and kindness throughout the entire process. Bobby Moyer (who is now retired) even offered to get us a baby bed for our daughter who was due to arrive that December. We even stopped by and visited him once or twice after. Then, in 2010, one month after our second child was born, and one month before my husband was set to deploy to Afghanistan we had some major car trouble due to wear and tear and our beloved SUV was inserviceable. We stayed at the dealership for 9 hours with a 14 month old and a 1 month old trying to get a car. Mr. Rocky tried getting us financed more times than I can count. We had no luck with Ford, but Mark Whiteside worked it out so that we could take a loaner home while they worked on our situation. We were sent home in a brand new Ford Focus that we drove for 3 or 4 days. We then got a call that we were able to be financed through Honda for a brand new Silver 2010 Honda Civic. An answer to a prayer. Then, less than a month after my husband deployed I found out that Honda would not allow "ME" to make the payments on our vehicle because I was not on the registration, only my husband was. I called Mark and Rocky, and they met me at the Honda building and called Honda personally and fixed this issue as well. Mark still calls and checks on us occasionally! The people from Jenkins and Wynne are truly as blessing. God is so good and has really blessed our family.

James Bent -

Growing up in the Small agricultural community of Kewanee, IL formally known as the Hog Capitol of the world, money was tight. Therefore, when you bought a vehicle you had to get the biggest bang for your buck, and it had to last. My first experience with ford trucks was Old Blue as the family and friends called it. Old Blue was a 1978 Ford F150 pickup, straight six with a three speed on the column. Old Blue was finally was taken in to rest after 318K miles many of memories from school, work, and fishing and hunting trips on the original engine and many memories. Later on in life I was fortunate enough to decide whether or not I wanted to get a sports car. After spending a few days walking through many car lots for that perfect sports car my eye caught the sharp new look of the 2009 flare side Ford F150 pickup at Jenkins and Wynne and brought back childhood memories of Old Blue and how reliable it was. After working with my sales associate “JJ” we came up with a final price that I felt comfortable with. She did not pressure me on options nor detoured me from my vehicle selection. I just think JJ knew I was dead set on this particular truck which made the experience of purchasing from Jenkins and Wynne pleasurable and hassle free. My truck is currently being used as a hunting truck, logging approximately 18k miles during the first hunting season with no issues on the road or in the woods. During my hunting trips I have driven to mid west Illinois, eastern Kentucky and all over Tennessee. However, nothing will compare to the memorable moments of my four girls wanting to go for a ride in “Dads truck” or the future endeavors we will with it. v/r James Bent

John Bierman -

My Jenkins & Wynne experience began in 1995 when my then fiancé and myself purchased our first vehicle from Hiliary Lewis (retired). My wife had worked there as a hostess through high school, myself being a die hard Chevrolet/GM man at the time was dead set against having anything to do with Ford, even if it was buying something from the Pre-Owned lot! I had worked at the local GMC/Buick Dealer through high school, so I wanted us to purchase our first vehicle as a couple there. When I started talking with Hiliary and Kirby Fawcett (retired) it was too easy, they found a nice 1993 Nissan NX that they had just taken in on trade a few days before that fit our budget at the time perfectly! It needed the hood repainted and they set up an appointment at the Body Shop and had it all taken care of for us. We picked up our car from the Body Shop in prestine condition! We were so excited! The experience of being helped and treated like a friend rather than just another customer was unmatched! We have been purchasing vehicles ( a total of 9 vehicles) ever since. Hiliary even converted me over to an F-150 in the Fall of 2001! I had just sold my fathers GMC and was in need of a new truck. I gave him a call and told him “NO FORDS!” when I arrived at the lot he greeted me at the door and said just wait right here. He came back in a silver 1998 F-150 XL regular cab 6 cyl. Truck. My wife and I had just had our son Logan and I had just started commuting to Nashville for work. So I did not need anything with a lot of bells and whistles. We went for a test drive and I immediately fell in love with the F-150! Hiliary was right once again! He always seemed to know what Jennifer and I wanted/needed. Shortly after we traded in our 1998 Grand Prix (which we purchased from Hiliary on the used lot) on a 2001 Lincoln LS, this car was awesome. We were now a TOTAL FORD FAMILY! A few years later we decided to purchase our first BRAND NEW vehicle. Hiliary helped us out once again, with our daughter Emma on the way we needed more room than the LS could provide. We spent a couple of hours with Hiliary going over colors and options and once again, he came through. We found a 2005 Explorer XLT and later that same month I traded my ’98 F-150 on the new body style (at the time) ’04 F150 XLT Extended Cab. With our growing family this is exactly what we needed. Hiliary and Kirby have both since retired but we continue our relationship with Jenkins and Wynne through Chip Lee and Larry Shulz. We also still continue our friendship with Hiliary, we made friends for life at Jenkins and Wynne! When Hiliary retired I got in touch with Chip and told him he would be my man from here on out. When My Grandfather passed away in September of 2008, on the last day of visitation I had a surprise visit, Chip! That meant a lot to me and Jennifer, for someone to take time of their schedule to drop by and just offer condolences was above and beyond! Just last year we spent some time with Chip and he helped us locate our newest Ford, the Edge. My wife wanted Pearl White with the panoramic roof and leather. Chip located us one and had it delivered to us! Chip also just recently helped my Father-in-law with the purchase of a new Mustang! I always go to see Eddie Hendricks and Michael Burney in service to schedule all of regular maintenance and have always been pleased with the service I receive. Like I mentioned before, we are always treated like friends rather than customers! Thanks to you all, and look forward to many more years of doing business together!

Mark -

I was inbound from a deployment when the email from the wife told me my Pontiac Sunfire was totaled. With plans to visit Philidelphia within a weeks time, I went to Jenkins and Wynne. Within 1 hour, My truck was found and I was signing papers. Takes a lot to satisfy a soldier on the run. Thats just the beginning! My salesman dropped the plates to the house, put them on the truck and even sent Birthday cards to the entire family for the year. Ive since moved to SC where I haul my Army gear to the field as a Drill Sgt and the proud owner of a chocolate Lab named Hershey who is 78 pounds and loves to hunt from the bed of the truck and the side of the lake. Krystal Fusion and Simonized is the only way to go. Thanks for all the assistance and extra care from the entire sales staff and finance team. In and out in 1 hour....cant beat that...Thanks again Mark

Amanda -

My husband and I got a new addition to our family this year. We brought home a Great Dane puppy named Mason. My husband took Mason every where with him. Mason kept growing and my husbands Honda Accord kept getting smaller. Soon we had a 130 pound puppy that took up the whole back seat. We started to shop around for SUV's. We soon found out we were in a situation a lot of people are in. We were up side down and no one wanted to give us much for our Honda. We went to every dealership in town and when the salesmen found out we were going to be a bit of a challenge they didn't want much to do with us. One dealership even lead us on for 2 days. They told us they could get us exactly what we wanted and of course they did not come through. Some people were even down right rude! I had never driven a Ford and Jenkins and Wynne was the only place in town we had not been to. My husband and I were exhausted. My husband wanted to give up and wait until the Honda was paid off. Against his wishes I contacted Jenkins and Wynne. I spoke to a very nice, enthusiastic man named Paul Mckissack. He told me to come in that night. He told me he knew he could help us. I had heard that all before but was willing to give it a shot one more time. My husband took a little convincing but I finally got him to go to the dealership. Paul wasted no time. He got our trade in value on the Honda and offered us more than any dealer in town. We drove a 2010 Ford Edge and my husband fell in love. It was like Paul was working for us and not the dealership. We did not have to brush up on our haggling skills. Everything we asked for they tried to do and every question we had they answered. The icing on the cake was the 1.9 interest rate we got from Ford Motor Credit. They had us in and out in 2 hours. I was so impressed I traded my 2008 Malibu for a 2010 Ford Escape. I wanted to cash in on the great rate as well. I will never purchase a car any where else but Jenkins and Wynne.I was even a little sad when all was said and done. I knew I would miss all the great people I met there. I can't wait to do business with them again. Paul is the best and gives the best hugs! Everyone should buy a car from Jenkins and Wynne and get a hug from Paul. You made buying a car fun and exciting like it should be. Thank you all so much from Amanda, David, and Mason. We love ya!

Joshua -

I was driving a 2000 Ford Mustang late one night when I hit a horse that had gotten out because of a faulty fence totaling my car. After a trip to the hospital, concussion, and several days of bed rest I started shopping for a new Mustang online at Jenkins a& Wynne. I found the perfect silver 2005 Ford Mustang and fell in love once again with a Mustang. Barry helped me out and we are still in contact to this day. About a year later I had pumped some bad gas in the Mustang and due to the cars technology it wouldn't start leaving me and my regnant wife stranded about an hour away from our home. I called Barry and he started troubleshooting with me on the problem. We managed to get the car back to the local Ford dealership and had everything reset. Barry and the staff at Jenkins & Wynn have always been there for me even though I've only bought one vehicle from there to date. Thank you all I really appreciate everything.

Manuel -

I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’ for the professionals help I received yesterday from your dealership both in Sales and in Finance. Lisa D and JJ were very helpful in the buying and delivery of my new Honda. It was a pleasure dealing with your staff! Thank you!

Tim and Maria Terry -

My Husband's truck needed a rather expensive repair so we had considered trading for a newer one. I called Rob Schwab (we attend the same Church) and he put us in touch with Steve Stanfill, and Jamie Townsend. We test drove a F250 diesel for the weekend. We realized that we didn't want the diesal and returned it on Monday. I have found with other dealerships that you are heavily pressured at that point to find another vehicle. Steve and Jamie understood that we decided to repair our truck but would be back at a later date and we felt no pressure to trade. Tim and I really appreciated that! When the time is right to trade, we WILL return to your dealership and look for our next vehicle. Not only were Steve, and Jamie professional....we felt like we had made new friends. :-)

God Bless,
Tim and Maria Terry

Johnathan B. -

The service my wife and I receive from your dealership is ALWAYS exceptional. I especially am thankful for the welcoming atmosphere we find when coming to the service, body shop, and parts areas. Your dealership is one in which the customer always matters no matter if they are buying a new vehicle or receiving maintenance on an old one. I appreciate the fact that we feel important to you through every experience with Jenkins and Wynne.
I would especially like to commend Tracy in the body shop, Steve Jackson in sales, and Troy in service for their wonderful and professional character while dealing with my wife and I. They truly made our car buying and my first wreck in a vehicle (in which it had to be repaired) pleasurable experiences. I have never been a Ford kind of guy. I WAS GM through and through. However, since working with your dealership, I have changed my mind completely. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the customer.

Johnathan B.

Tim Kincaid -

Thank you for a wonderful car buying experience. I see now more than ever why every car bought by my family in this city has been with you. You folks were there when I really needed a hand, and you gave me a way to keep my job, and take care of my family.

Clif & Carol O'Brien -

I seldom feel inclined to say thanks when I spend a ton of money but I have to. My wife and I visited the truck center on Saturday, March 20, 2010 to get information on the Sport Trac which is her dream vehicle. Terry Wagoner and Larry Schultz did a fantastic job getting us the information and locating a beautiful 2010 Sport Trac Adrenaline with everything on it my wife wanted. I have never seen her happier with a vehicle than she is today. Terry and Larry are total professionals. On the appointed day and time Terry had our vehicle ready and it was immaculate. He took his time going over the vehicle from nose to tail including all the interior electronics. The experience was certainly top shelf. I have been a long time customer of Jenkins & Wynne and will remain a loyal customer based on the efforts of your sales staff as they do everything possible to make the customer happy. Once again it has been a great experience and I truly appreciate the efforts of Terry and Larry.

Chris Dutton -

I just wanted to thank Jenkins and Wynne trucks for my recent purchase of a used 09 Dodge Ram through the Ford truck used lot.

I appreciate the efforts that Tim, Larry, Angelia, and Cole provided. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I have already taken the truck on a decent trip across the state and it made for an excellent trip. Plenty of room, power, and sense of safety. Just what I was looking for. All that at a great deal and security with an excellent warranty, I couldn’t be happier. I will be looking forward to my next purchase through your company.

Michael Campbell -

I still love my Mustang (a yellow 2005 GT) and am very grateful to the staff of Jenkins and Wynne for providing me with such a wonderful car. Thank you!

Tara Lawrence -

I am a 39yo military wife, mom and breast cancer survivor. I think it’s great that you have ‘ask casey’ on your ford site. Thank you.

Roger and Amy Carroll -

Thanks… we actually purchased a new Ford Flex from Jenkins & Wynne in Clarksville, TN. I love my new car!!! The sales team was great, especially Joe Poole. We are repeat buyers with Joe and he always handles us with the utmost professionalism and knowledge regarding the vehicles we are interested in. My husband and I both compared the Edge and Flex and decided that we were getting much more for our money with the Flex. I am so pleased with our purchase and the service we received at Jenkins & Wynne. We don’t feel just like a customer there, but like we are a member of the family. Larry Schultz, who is the manager on the truck side, is great as was the finance person we worked with. His name escapes me, but overall, we are very pleased with the service we received and should we be in the market to purchase another vehicle, we will choose Jenkins & Wynne!

Vincent Kurian -

My experience with Jenkins & Wynne has been wonderful. The salesmen (Aaron White) was very pleasant and not at all pushy. He helped us through the entire process with his smile not fading at any point. He went ahead to find the color of my choice. Jenkins & Wynne gave me the lowest quote among all Nashville dealers and that’s why I went there, and that too after meeting salesmen from other Honda dealers in Nashville (was scrambling for $2500 incentive on Odyssey that ended on 5/4..which Honda extended later). All the personnel at Jenkins & Wynne were human….meet them in person; You will see the difference between typical salesmen and ‘human’ salesmen. I highly recommend Jenkins & Wynne.

Will Harvey -

I’m glad my Ford dealer has a great team; Glad they keep up with the computer world today. The website looks great and it’s nice to be able to schedule online; the service that you need is one of the best features. My salesmen, Dave Hawbecker, looks likes a high-end salesmen.

Thomas Cavanagh -

I would very much like to tahnk Bud Stump and the Service Dept for putting me in the seat of the 2009 EXL Honda Civic 4dr. Silver in color. It is a really special car. I take and will take very good care of it. And will bring it in for service when the little wrench lights up on the display. I want it to be serviced by the Honda Service Dept only.

Charles Pecka -

Jenkins and Wynne Ford
ATTN: Don Jenkins
January 12,2009


I wanted to take time and make sure you are aware of our treatment during a purchase on 1/11/09. I am a returning customer, I had bought my 1994 F-150 nearly 15 years ago, it was paid for,it ran decent but was getting long in the tooth. Besides, I needed a new truck for hauling my Honeybees around the county.

When my wife and I entered your truck store we were promptly greeted and introduced to Bob Davis our salesman. I want you to know that I felt that Bob Davis had the care and concern for our needs by ability to listen and identifying our requirements. He found us the basic truck that we needed. He coordinated the appraisal in a timely fashion on our old 94 truck. Furthermore, \rue were able to get what we wanted and to terms that were agreeable to us.

My son, a Bank Manager for Regions Bank, had been advising me to buy a Toyota Tacoma. I most likely would have been satisfied in that product, quality and their service, but the actions of Bob Davis and the crew down at your truck store rose above that possibility and gained a raving fan. ln the Real Estate business, you live or die, business wise, by the word of mouth actions of your past clients. We need raving Fans to survive and prosper. ln the 10 years that I have sold real estate I have met and developed relationships with a lot of people, upward to 900 so far. I am going to tell them how pleased I was working with your Company and Bob Davis in my next Newsletter for Feb 2009. Hopefully it will turn into a source of additional business for your folks.

Thank you, your team has made my wife and I very happy and we'll tell everyone we know.

Charles D. Pecka
Managing Broker
Coldwell Banker, Conroy, Marable & Holleman

Lee Stewart -

I purchased a 2005 Ford Explorer from you on Friday. Car buying is certainly one of the more dreadful experiences around but I enjoyed the experience with you. Bob Davis was great and I really enjoyed working with him. No pressure at all, just helping me find the right vehicle that I would be happy in. I don't remember the finance guy's name but again very courteous and willing to work with me and make sure I left happy. I also had the opportunity to meet with the man running the show there, I didn't catch his name, but he gave me a great deal on my trade in vehicle and made sure I was happy with the deal I was looking for. I will certainly bring my vehicle to you for services and will refer any friends who are looking for a new car to your business. Thank you, Lee Stewart

Eric and Wendy Light -

Ms. Kasten,

We have been very pleased with our service at Jenkins & Wynne up to this point. Our perception of a dealership before we encountered J&W was someone who was out to take advantage. When we started looking for a van we encountered a number of dealerships and none of them can even begin to compare to J&W. Every time I bring our vehicle in everyone is kind and they go the extra mile to make sure we are pleased. I am not afraid to have them check out the vehicle because I know they won?t look for something to charge me for unless it is absolutely necessary for the safety of my family and the vehicle. Thank you for your integrity and honesty in dealing with us. We have recommended you to some friends and will continue to do so. How many places have salespeople that call every few months simply to make sure you are doing ok and are still satisfied with the vehicle yet doesn?t try to push something new on us. JJ Kim has become a great friend! Because of this when we are ready to purchase another vehicle, regardless of where the military has us stationed, we plan to come to you.

Thank You, Eric & Wendy Light

R & M Roberts from Clarksville -

Dear Loren and Service Center Team,

We wanted to thank you for going above and beyond your duty on our most recent service center need. As you know, we were unfortunate when our Honda Odyssey was in need of having the transmission replaced for the 2nd time. The previously replaced transmission was well past its warranty period so the service center was under no obligation to repair it. Nonetheless, the service center team was sympathetic to our repeat transmission problem, worked with Honda corporate and offered to do the transmission repair at a very nominal fee. This kind of exceptional commitment to the customer is very rare in today?s business world.

The Jenkins and Wynne Honda Service Center team has taken great care of our family?s automotive needs on our Odyssey and Accord over the years. They are one of the key reasons that we have been so happy with being Honda customers. Thanks for the regular good service and the exceptional commitment to customer care demonstrated in our most recent visit.

R & M Roberts from Clarksville

MN -

We bought a Mercury Mountaineer about 2 weeks ago. F.C. Lehman was my salesperson. Fabulous and Professional. I wouldn't buy from anyone else! Total courtesy and bent over backward to help us at all hours. Great Salesperson! - MN

Carol Kelly -

Mr. Jenkins,

On Saturday, August 2nd, I was driving from Paris Landing to Montgomery, Alabama in my '01 Honda Civic. It was loaded to the gills, as I had spent 2 months in Paris Landing. The trunk, the back seat and the passenger seat were stuffed!! As I crossed the Lake Barkley bridge at Dover, the car just stopped performing. I couldn't get it to go over 20 mph, and it was still fading fast. Fortunately, I pulled into a gas station where I had phone service... and the Internet on my iPhone. It took quite a while to find a towing service on Saturday in Dover, but I had them tow me to Jenkins and Wynne, the Honda dealership I found on the Internet.

That was the BEST part of my horrendous day and weekend!

I got there after all of the car rental places were closed, and I knew I couldn't do anything until Monday when all of the businesses were open. Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper, being a lone female stranded in a strange place.

Your guys took such good care of me, however, that I need to let everyone know!

First, Jimmy in service got me an estimate on damages and costs within an hour of my arrival. I didn't like it, of course, because I learned that my warranty had expired. Larry Levin suggested that I get a new car, as my '01 was only getting older and 'iffier.' He was very kind and patient with me, offering me very good advice. One thing he told me to do was to get my records from McConnell Honda in Montgomery faxed to your guys, which I did first thing Monday morning.

I had a decision to make... and a hard one. But, worse than that, I was a sweaty, tired, unhappy mess! Larry took me to two motels and, at the second, negotiated a rate reduction for me. He also offered to pick me up on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, I had a cooler in the car with a good bit of food. Your sevice guys were kind enough to change out the ice in it twice and ALL of it was still good when I finally got home!

On Monday morning, Loren in service got on the phone with Honda and negotiated a deal with them after he saw that I had taken my car in religiously for scheduled maintenance. He got Honda to agree to pay 1/2 of the repairs!

I got a rental car, got help in unloading my ton of stuff and repacking the rental, and headed home thinking it would be at least a week for the repairs to be done. Imagine my surprise when it was ready Wednesday afternoon! Perfect!! A friend from Paris was coming to visit on Thursday, so he drove my car home to me and drove the rental back! I talked to your folks in service and the cashier about these arrangements, and they were willing to work with us anyway possible.... let my friend leave his truck there.... take him to Enterprise to leave it..... return the rental if he got to Clarksville after hours.... whatever we needed!

I'm not really a 'scary' person, as I travel a lot. But I am a single, older female and was feeling pretty lost when I was sitting waiting for the tow truck. Your people were soooooo very kind and cooperative, and set my mind at ease. I feel like they all went that extra mile.... MANY extra miles... to help me. They gave advise without pressure, they pointed out various options for my dilemma, and they offered the kind of personal assistance to a stranger that one rarely finds anymore.

And, my car was driven from Clarksville to Montgomery to Atlanta and back to Montgomery this past weekend without a hitch! It is running great!! That will give me time to continue to save towards a new one and not have to make a hasty decision.

Please thank all of your folks who worked with me to turn my disaster into a trivial inconvenience. I was blessed to have found Jenkins and Wynne.

Carol B. Kelly
Montgomery, Alabama

Benjamin Owens -

The help and customer service that i have received at Jenkins and Wynne is by far above par over anywhere else I have ever purchased a vehicle. The sales team that helped me was awesome. Renae was so cool with everything and met all of my needs. The outstanding team at Jenkins and Wynne will be recommend to everyone. Thank you.

SFC David Drury -

I have only the best things to say about the salesman that got me into our mustang. Justin was the most helpful salesman that I have ever experienced.

Jason Timbes -

Every aspect of my vehicle purchase at Jenkins and Wynne can only be described as pleasurable. I was at that time looking to replace a vehicle and not enjoying the leg work at all then I was contacted by Holly a member of the Jenkins and Wynne internet team. In speaking with her I told her what I wanted and fully expected not to hear from her again. Not the case, in her SECOND return call I became interested and visited the dealership. Our sales person (Steve Action Jackson) showed extreme patience and even went to bring selections to us so we would not have to suffer the cold and snow. I found Steve very knowledgeable to include the technology features of the car and not at all pushy just helpful. Finance was a breeze as Angela was straight forward in explaining the terms and information right down to what point in the month our payment would be due to Ford Motor Credit. I appreciated speaking with her and was impressed in that she picked up the phone dialed my insurance agent to take off the old and put on the new all without looking it up. Jenkins and Wynne or any business for that matter are only as good as the people working there and I can say that my experience there was with an outstanding team.

Denise Wright -

I appreciate all the help everyone there has been during the purchase of our new vehicle. We have always been General Motors owners, but thought we would give Ford a try. Well, to our surprise, the service and courtesy has been extraordinary. I sincerely hope if we need any service on our vehicle it will be the same.

Thomas A. Cavanagh Sr. -

I would very much like to comment on the 2009 Honda Civic EXL Model. Of which I had some extras added at the time of my purchase. My sales rep. was Buddy Stump. Who was just fantastic. He went out of his way, to put me in the drivers seat. Plus the service dept. you have there is one of if not the best in the country. The Honda I purchased is a 4 door. Silver in color. With leather seats that can be headed in the winter time. With VSA's in bad weather. Since i have been helping out with my grand kids now who live in Nashville. Until my daughter in Law completes her Masters degree. I have let the service Dept. there know this. They said, that they would be sure, that my 2009 Honda was in a safe condition. I take it every time the on board computer is at 15 percent oil life. Please note you can use if need be any part of this letter to what every degree you would like. I would highly recommend to anyone one to buy their next car from Jenkins and Wynne.

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